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Marina Rinaldi's elegant dress skirts and trousers are garments designed for plus size women, combining elegance with versatility: choosing a trouser and blazer ceremony suit can enhance one's body without compromising, creating a sophisticated, distinguished, and luxurious total look. Marina Rinaldi's ceremony dresses and all elegant palazzo trousers are designed and created to enhance the silhouette and adapt to all shapes, without sacrificing style and comfort. The essential lines and bright colors of curvy trousers suits and ceremony dresses with trousers adapt to the soft silhouette of those who, aware of their own beauty, wish to express not only grace and sophistication through clothing, but also femininity. The attention to quality, appreciable in the finishes and details, adapts to the precious and elaborate fabrics that characterize the entire Marina Rinaldi Elegante collection, such as elegant women's blouse and trousers suits for ceremonies, elegant women's trousers, elegant silk trousers, and ceremony dresses with trousers for ladies. In particular, ceremony palazzo trousers express a sophisticated luxury that is never excessive. This model, suitable for all shapes, is capable of creating a slender and sinuous figure. Ceremony skirts, on the other hand, come in various models and colors to make the outfit as versatile as possible. Even an elegant dress with trousers or an elegant women's trouser suit represent a chic and timeless piece, combining comfort and elegance. Those looking for an elegant total look for a special occasion or event can create a combination with Marina Rinaldi's Ceremony Tops and elegant trouser suits for ceremonies: all clothing items are characterized by refined, sophisticated taste and Italian design that withstands the test of time. To embellish and complete the ensemble, one can choose refined accessories such as shoes and bags to make their outfit even more sophisticated. Find inspiration among the elegant ceremony dresses and elegant summer trouser and blouse suits from the new Marina Rinaldi collection.